February 16, 1954

YIANNIS GAITIS: (From an art review by Angelos G. Prokopiou): «…Mr Gaitis is the most important painter and sculptor of Greece’s World War II generation. His name will soon become well known beyond the borders of our country and will earn a distinguished place in the art world of America and Europe (…). The exclusion, the silence, the boycotts, large and small, he has been subjected to have not discouraged him in the least. He has continued alone, quietly, without any means or support, with his pencil in his hand from dawn to midnight, ignored either deliberately or through negligence, without ceasing to believe in art and in himself, now responding to this hostility and jealousy with his work. With ease and nobility, he has overcome all the obstacles in his path. Vengeance is his, that worthy young man of Greek art.» KAZANTZAKIS: On January 24, in the National Theater of Oslo, Norway, the dramatization of the new story by Mr Nikos Kazantazakis, «Christ Recrucified,» opened to overwhelming response. KARAMANLIS PROJECTS: A new bridge over the Aliakmonas River is to be inaugurated today by Public Works Minister Mr Constantine Karamanlis.