February 20, 1954

THE RIGHT: The former minister and Panhellenic Labor Council leader Mr Aristeidis Dimitratos, replying to statements by the labor minister, Mr Gonis, regarding a nationalist conscience and communist fellow-travelers, emphasized that for someone to be a true nationalist one had to be so both in word and deed, so as to serve the people and the nation. This however does not apply to statements in favor of measures for workers, given that restoring the institution of free collective labor agreements without a minimum wage will not serve the workers. RETURN OF HOSTAGES: London, 20 – Telegrams from British correspondents in Vienna and the Austrian border station Unterleite have provided details of the first contact with the free world of 1,272 Greek hostages aged from 6 to 90, abducted during the war by the outlaws and who have suffered long years of hardship behind the Iron Curtain. These are hostages whom the Hungarian Communist government has decided to hand over to Greece. The younger hostages, who were abducted by the outlaws, no longer speak their mother tongue and have new, non-Greek names.