February 25, 1954

OUTLAW’S HIDEOUT IN NATIONALIST’S HOME: Hania, 22 – An outlaw hideout has been found in an abandoned house near the village of Pyrgos belonging to 80-year-old Dr Stylianos Georgilas, known to be a nationalist and patriot. The hideout was being used by the outlaw Georgios Korakakis, 35, originally from Asia Minor, and who lived in Pyrgos before the war. The hiding place had been dug out of the sandy floor of the barn and had been reinforced with cement. In it were found supplies of oil, butter, cheese, recently cooked beans, a recent newspaper and the outlaw’s journal. When the police arrived, Korakakis was not on the premises, as he had obviously seen the officers coming and managed to escape. The aged doctor was originally put under house arrest in a relative’s home in Pyrgos, but today was taken to Hania, where he is under guard in the Margaritis clinic. The police have also arrested his son Artemios and several others whose names have not been released. (…) The events have upset local residents since the Georgilas family, particularly the doctor, are held in great esteem.