Time is running out

Time is running out

As soon as the summer is over, the coalition government will have to face reality and the anger of the Greek people. Nothing can stop this from happening, not even the administration’s frantic efforts to control the media through every possible means.

Similarly to those which the government views as demons, it too will be targeted and get a taste of its own so-called medicine.

The same talk is being heard across the country: “The recipe of higher taxes and social security contributions is a dead end.” What the remnants of the middle classes see lying ahead is the prospect of bankruptcy.

The same applies to those who are self-employed. Absolutely no one is considering any kind of investment given the high cost of doing so and the constant uncertainty arising from the Greek state’s irrational pursuit of business. Perhaps the only exception to this could be a superpower servicing strategic goals which therefore requires a special regime in order to risk its money. Anyone else is out of the question.

Meanwhile, the shadow economy is once again reigning supreme. The worst thing is that a portion of society which up until a while ago were the only ones left resisting this old habit has no more guilty feelings to wrestle with. The question of “200 euros or 145 euros” is constantly heard and the answer comes without any scruples. People are also angered by the fact that the services rendered in exchange for insane taxes are rapidly crumbling due to bad management.

All of this will boldly resurface within the next few months. Those left with some coolheaded spirit to analyze the situation will come to realize that this is what happens when a country using the euro currency is governed the drachma way. As for the rest, who comprise the majority, they will once again start thinking of the drachma and a default as the solution. If this episode goes on for a while, Greece will become increasingly “lubenized” and at the same time “Ukrainized.” The country entered this road because of a rotting portion of the Greek establishment, but now it is rapidly heading in this direction. Those capable of leaving Greece in search of a better life will do so.

At the end of the episode, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble will be smiling knowingly, for he will see his positions justified in a most Machiavellian manner. A request for a velvet divorce for Greece and the eurozone will come from Athens, which is responsible for the disastrous recipe in the first place.

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