Those in positions of responsibility must always keep in mind two fundamental principles: that they will not be there forever and that their acts will define not just their own fate but that of a country

10.08.2022 / 21:22

The wiretapping case presents Greece’s democracy with a big challenge. Three objectives must be met, at the same time.

03.08.2022 / 21:47

Every Greek is happy that tourism will do so well this year and that foreigners – mainly – are constantly buying land and houses on the islands.

18.07.2022 / 18:00

The mother of all battles has begun in the US Congress over the sale of F-16 fighter jets and modernization kits to NATO ally Turkey. It will not be an easy one.

13.07.2022 / 21:14

In order to understand if and when the war in Ukraine will end, we must first attempt to answer a number of key questions.

10.07.2022 / 22:22

The decision not to go ahead with early elections was institutional in nature because the country must, at some point, enter a historic phase of having elections at the end of each four-year term.

03.07.2022 / 22:25

Diplomacy is a marathon that never ends. That is why it is quite meaningless to celebrate or lament the outcome of a diplomatic round, because it is just another round.

29.06.2022 / 21:15

In the last 47 years, there have been moments in the history of Greek-Turkish relations during which a decent and honest arrangement could have been made.

26.06.2022 / 22:13

A good friend who has lived and read history noticed something while reading an old edition of Kathimerini. I confess that I could not believe it, no matter how many times I read it: August 30, 1921.

19.06.2022 / 22:15

Let’s fast-forward developments in America a bit and skip to the fact that the Democrats will most likely lose control of the House – perhaps in spectacular fashion too – and Speaker Nancy Pelosi will retire to California.

15.06.2022 / 21:17

I have been trying for a long time to understand exactly what various Western officials mean when they monotonously repeat that “Turkey is a valuable ally.”

12.06.2022 / 22:39

In difficult times, we refer to the advice of those who lived and handled difficult situations with Turkey. Because, as the late Greek diplomat Vyron Theodoropoulos often said, “history should not teach you what to do but what not to do.”

08.06.2022 / 21:17

Looking back, you sometimes wonder how this country survived and grew. Reading editions of Kathimerini from 1922, you are shocked by the passion and hatred for the rival political party and its leader.