February 27, 1954

NASSER TO THE FORE: London, 25 – There was a sudden change of scene yesterday in the all-powerful revolutionary regime that followed the ousting of King Farouk of Egypt. In a sudden rebellion that came without any warning, the person who for a year and a half had been the symbol of the revolutionary transformation and who was destined to give this country a taste of civilized progress has been overthrown. General Neguib has been stripped of all his powers and his chief associate, Gamel Abdel Nasser, has been appointed prime minister by the 11-member Revolutionary Council. According to all reports, the new prime minister has virtually been the soul of the revolution, and his leadership heralds even more radical changes in Egypt, both on the domestic front and with regard to foreign affairs. However, the West is not looking on the developments directed by these 11 young officers with any great favor. PAVLOS: King Pavlos made an important speech at yesterday’s ceremony at Athens University when he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the School of Philosophy.