The ‘fighters’ against the ‘establishment’

The ‘fighters’ against the ‘establishment’

Anti-authority activists in Thessaloniki are escalating their action in response to raids carried out by Greek police for the evacuation of occupied buildings in the northern port city. Meanwhile, unknown perpetrators sent a letter-bomb to a judge participating in the trial of those involved in the heroin smuggling case of the Noor 1 cargo ship. If there is a conclusion to be drawn from this, it would that Greece has its own “fighters.”

Obviously no comparisons can be made with the paranoid assassins of ISIS and any attempt to do so would be provocatively naive and extremely dangerous.

Nevertheless, the “fighters of Exarchia,” the self-styled anarchists attacking the home of State Minister Alekos Flambouraris with Molotov cocktails, those causing damage to SYRIZA party offices (and other political parties in the past), who occupy public buildings and educational institutions, those who destroy and walk around in hoods, carrying sticks and sledgehammers, are governed by their hatred for society.

The “establishment” they are supposedly fighting against is simply an emotionally charged term, which is part of their confusion – referring to it as “ideological” would probably be missing the point and misplaced. As for those sending parcel-bombs (a similar incident occurred in early June), they are preaching for the abolition of law and order.

It’s pure luck that no one has been seriously hurt given all the bullying, threats and violence.

In the case of the anti-establishment activists there is a blurred perception regarding the values of the left, which is currently turning the conflict into a confrontation of various leftists within SYRIZA and a vast variety of different points of view, with ideology as the common starting point.

Those adhering to the “anti” stance seem to be growing in number. The same goes for those who target people without ever being held accountable for their actions. These are people living in a world of chaos; they are people who derive self-validation by provoking and terrorizing others, who thrive on the destruction of, mainly, public property.

This phenomenon, which has long been an issue to reckon with and the subject of endless analysis, is constantly undergoing transformation and changing in name. What has yet to become absolutely clear is the political leadership’s ability to show a unified front against such incidents and behavior. Whether targeting SYRIZA, New Democracy or PASOK, the country’s political leadership should adopt a common, merciless, position. Pockets of vengeance can easily turn into blood-spilling arenas.

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