The new normal

We are growing accustomed to what can only be described irrational normality – and this is a very dangerous trend.

The real economy is, again, near breaking point and speculation about a Greek exit from the euro area, or Grexit, is back in the international headlines. Such an economic environment is extremely hostile to private enterprise.

Meanwhile, in the Aegean Sea, Turkey has escalated its provocations and is openly questioning Greek sovereignty over big chunks of territory.

And in the streets of the Greek capital, authorities are standing paralyzed as nihilist vandals indulge in a destructive spree, wrecking public property.

None of this is normal and we ought to be on high alert, seeking ways to deal with all these challenges, as a nation. The apathy of the majority and the cynicism of our politicians are also part of this irrational normality. In fact, this may be the most worrying of all.