Dreadful state of public toilets in Almyrida and Kalyves on Crete

I am writing to you as I have exhausted all avenues to highlight the condition of public toilets in both Almyrida and Kalyves. These places are well-known tourist destinations. I originally wrote to the health and safety organization in Chania, who referred me to the Demos of Apokoronou. I wrote to the Demos of Apokoronou and, to date, nothing has been done to clean up the toilets.

You want to see the state of these toilets with the smell of urine everywhere. There are no washing facilities, toilet paper or hand dryers. They are a very serious health hazard. I am very worried now as these toilets in their present state will be used by tourists, and what are they going to think of the way Crete allows these toilets to get into such a situation? It seems to me that nobody in government, at the health and safety organisation or the Demos of Apokoronou cares about the health of tourists and that they just ignore requests to improve the state of these toilets. What are visiting tourists going to tell their friends when they go back home?

There are only six weeks left before the tourists come back to Crete. Will something be done about these dreadful toilets? My answer to this is that nothing will be done by anyone in authority.

I have lived here for the last seventeen years and I have tried to get my friends to visit Crete over the years. When these friends tell me about the state of these toilets I feel very embarrassed and I have to tell them that I have contacted all relevant authorities and nothing has been done to clean up these toilets to date.

Brian M. Smith