We need answers

Greek authorities must do everything in their power to shed light on the case of 52-year-old Michalis Zafeiropoulos, the prominent criminal lawyer and son of former New Democracy MP Epaminondas Zafeiropoulos who was brutally murdered with a shot to the chest in his office on Asklipiou Street in the heart of the Greek capital on Thursday evening. 

The same, of course, applies to every other murder, or assassination attempt, that occurs in the country. 

There is already a huge backlog of criminal cases that need to be investigated. 

Some of them concern terrorist attacks – such as the letter bomb attack in May that injured former prime minister Lucas Papademos – while others cases concern organized crime. 

Any self-respecting state which is serious about entrenching a sense of security in society cannot afford to leave crimes cases of such magnitude unresolved. Action must be taken immediately to halt this slide toward lawlessness.