A lamentable image

Greece’s international image is extremely poor right now and certainly does not correspond to what people around the world expect of a normal European state. 

It is useless to pretend that the world at large is not aware of the fact that the events at Sunday’s PAOK-AEK match are indicative of a phenomenon.

They are indicative of the fact that increasingly dangerous and uncontrollable vested interests have been allowed to take hold in many areas of politics, the economy and society, and are not exclusive to the sport of soccer.

Many well-meaning investors had been convinced by the government’s promise that – in contrast to previous Greek administrations – it would make it its mission to root out the powerful interests standing in the way of healthy competition and a business environment governed by rules.

Now they are coming to realize that, with a few exceptions, this government is living quite harmoniously with the established vested interests while it is also trying to cultivate newer, tougher ones.