The interminable delays and setbacks in the radical reconstruction of the broader Faliro Bay area and particularly the road network along the capital’s southern coast are indicative of the slipshod manner with which many major public investment projects are still being treated.

30.01.2023 / 22:30

We pity Greek democracy for the toxicity of its public political discourse, forgetting that the same and worse things happen elsewhere. Fortunately, our Parliament has not been attacked by an armed mob. 

28.01.2023 / 23:09

Political leaders have admitted publicly that scandals are not at the top of voters’ priorities.

27.01.2023 / 22:23

The West is gradually starting to understand that Turkey’s behavior is not that of a partner, but of a rival who is abusing its position inside the safety of the circle in order to blackmail.

26.01.2023 / 23:35

When political parties use a serious case that affects the institutions to serve expediencies it often diminishes its importance.

25.01.2023 / 23:27

Even after it succeeded in installing filters that secure some degree of meritocracy in public sector appointments, the Greek state apparatus remains incapable of producing natural leaders able to serve in a continuous and politically unbiased manner.

24.01.2023 / 22:32

The ability of a citizen to leave behind his debts by going bankrupt can work beneficially, which is proven by the impact that the relevant, recent law has had.

23.01.2023 / 20:20

Greece is these days discovering how important the Greek expat community is for national interests, especially in the United States.

21.01.2023 / 20:45

The Education Ministry’s decision to push forward the procedures for getting teacher evaluations off the ground was a symbolically important move, as much as it was essential.

20.01.2023 / 21:57

The decision by the prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, to step down from office does not just signal a rare moment of humanity in politics, it is also a paradigm of democratic culture.

19.01.2023 / 21:00

The Hellenic Parliament’s democratic parties must agree on the handling of those convicted of running a criminal organization. 

18.01.2023 / 21:04

The damage was done when, in order to serve unacknowledged expediencies, political parties rejected the simple solution of allowing the postal vote in the elections.

17.01.2023 / 21:10

The Greek Republic on Monday demonstrated that it has nothing to fear from its past and its history.

16.01.2023 / 20:55

The death of the former king is an opportunity for historical reflection. Greece has paid a heavy price for rampant political acrimony and irreversible division. 

14.01.2023 / 23:35

All the reports confirm the feeling that Greek citizens have: In recent years, a silent – digital – revolution has taken place in the public sector.