The case of Greek jewelry chain Folli Follie was a blow to the credibility of the Greek market, as it revealed the inadequacy of the supervisory authorities. But the blow that followed, with the slow pace of the judicial procedure, was perhaps more severe than the initial fraud scandal. 

17.05.2024 / 23:08

Femicides are becoming so frequent that everyone should have realized by now that dealing with the phenomenon is not about getting one or another department of the state working correctly.

16.05.2024 / 21:43

The specter of political violence has returned to Europe. It is not a development that can be considered completely unexpected.

15.05.2024 / 22:00

The police intervention on Tuesday to end the occupation at the Athens Law School highlights the commitment of authorities to curb lawlessness on university campuses.

14.05.2024 / 21:14

Membership in the “family” of the West has specific requirements. Those states that want to participate in the European Union and NATO have to observe some elementary rules and show respect for certain values. 

13.05.2024 / 23:00

For more than a year – which is the amount of time that Turkey has abstained from aggressive actions in the air and the Aegean Sea – two things have become apparent: The first is that Turkey does not back down from its long-standing claims, nor does it miss an opportunity to proclaim them. 

11.05.2024 / 22:59

Greece should not stop developing its tourism sector, but the rules concerning the protection of the country’s natural and cultural resources must be respected and upheld.

10.05.2024 / 23:00

It’s hard to believe that the number of working pensioners in Greece has doubled in just a few months.

09.05.2024 / 23:00

The country has recently endured an extended period of intense polarization and toxicity – particularly during the decade of the financial crisis.

08.05.2024 / 23:00

A subsidy program aimed at renovating neglected properties in order to make them habitable again appears to be having an effect.

05.05.2024 / 20:54

Many may head into the European elections believing their vote counts the same as their answer in a public opinion poll. They would be mistaken.

03.05.2024 / 21:16

International energy rates have contracted, as have domestic ones. Nevertheless, the price of electricity in Greece remains among the highest in Europe.

02.05.2024 / 21:44

Monuments should not be treated like fortresses of the collective memory that are kept cut off from life, from cultural and tourism activity.

30.04.2024 / 23:02

The number of Greeks living abroad who have registered on the platform for postal voting in the European Parliament elections is far below expectations – far from the hundreds of thousands originally predicted by the government. 

29.04.2024 / 22:12

Greece finds itself in a particularly dangerous corner of Europe. Unlike other states that ostensibly bear the formal status of ally, it has proven that it lives up to its obligations fully, as a partner and an ally. And it has done so consistently, even under adverse conditions.