No one wants to see the police intervene on university grounds. This is not the sort of normality we want.

23.02.2021 / 20:11

We have been through this before, and recently. We have experienced what it means to surrender public life to rumors and allegations.

21.02.2021 / 21:21

The state needs to learn the requisite lessons from the extreme weather that hit Greece this past week.

20.02.2021 / 22:01

Anyone who is sincerely interested in revealing the truth and holding the perpetrators accountable in cases of sexual abuse must show real – not rhetorical – confidence in justice.

19.02.2021 / 21:02

Lamenting the quality of public discourse is not merely a matter of taste or an affectation, because public speech can become criminal when it is steeped in political fanaticism.

18.02.2021 / 20:11

The many problems resulting from Tuesday’s snowstorm were the result of a series of factors that are not unknown – anything but.

17.02.2021 / 21:38

The most crucial parameter when dealing with extreme weather is to make sure that no lives are put in danger. 

16.02.2021 / 21:02

The country’s mass vaccination campaign is of such scale that it could not have succeeded unless every available group or unit of the state’s mechanism had been mobilized.

14.02.2021 / 21:08

Why is education still an issue that causes polarization? Why can’t political parties agree that you can’t protect academic freedom when troublemakers exploit the lack of security on university campuses and occupy spaces therein, or worse.

13.02.2021 / 22:29

Turkey’s leadership has once again entered a phase of unrestrained inflammatory rhetoric. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis presented his position: Athens should not be involved in a war of words.