A vile provocation

The cry of despair let out by professors at the Athens Law School must be heeded by all relevant authorities.

The situation around the school’s historic building is tragic and beyond any description. The school’s premises are frequented daily by drug addicts, who shoot up in clear view and defecate wherever they want, drug dealers, as well as hoodlums who use physical and verbal violence and issue threats to anyone that crosses them.

The school is basically at the mercy of troublemakers who move around as they please as state authorities do nothing to put an end to the lawlessness and decadence that has gripped the school – and parts of central Athens for that matter.

Solutions are available. The question is whether anyone in government will make the decision to implement the solutions.

What is needed is the political will to impose law and order in the Greek capital.
If they are never followed up with action, repeated promises and statements of intent are not only not enough, but a provocation.