Recovery needs a plan

A serious study presented recently estimated that Greece will need at least 110 billion euros in business investments in the next five years so that its economy can return to pre-crisis levels. The real question, however, is: does anyone in the government right now have any sort of plan for achieving this objective?

A recent proposal presented by the leftist-led administration was described by experts as being as amateurish as a high-school essay.

Nine years after the outbreak of the financial crisis, the debt-battered country still appears mostly paralyzed and incapable of solving the deeper structural problems that have been driving foreign investors away.

The country is in desperate need of a well-thought out growth plan that will put the economy back on its feet; a plan that will set out clear priorities and that will deprive the local critics of entrepreneurship and investment the usual arguments that they have used for decades – ostensibly in the name of the public interest.