June 3, 1954

TITO IN GREECE: Yesterday’s welcome for (the leader of Yugoslavia) Field Marshal Tito took the form of spontaneous outbursts of enthusiasm by the people, indicating their interest in the new bonds with our illustrious guest’s nation. (…) Field Marshal Tito disembarked from the royal yacht which docked in the port of Zea accompanied by four motor launches. (…) In the evening, the king and queen gave an official dinner at the palace in honor of their distinguished guest. In all official speeches, emphasis was laid on the common interests shared by the two nations. Also acknowledged was the importance of the Ankara Tripartite Agreement, which is soon to develop into a tripartite military alliance for defense purposes, aimed at ensuring the stability of peace in the Balkans. CORRUPTION: Yesterday’s session of Parliament focused once again on the action the government is taking to help the earthquake victims in Thessaly. Mr George Papandreou observed that the government’s claim that it had swiftly found housing for the homeless was not exactly correct.