June 14, 1954

IOANNIS THEODORAKOPOULOS: The American Information Service has announced that at a special ceremony tomorrow to mark the 150th anniversary of the University of Ohio, which is situated in the town of Athens, Ohio, Athens University Professor Ioannis Theodorakopoulos is to be awarded an honorary doctorate. CRISIS IN EPEK PARTY: The dispute between the former minister Mr Constantine Rendis and the other members of the National Progressive Centrist Union (EPEK) reached a peak yesterday, culminating in the dismissal of Mr Rendis from the party and a declaration by EPEK that it was assuming the leadership of the party’s progressive elements that remained faithful to the party’s ideology and policies. EPEK is joining forces with the political movement led by R.G. Ventiris. Mr Rendis said that those who were negotiating membership in the party of Ventiris or any other party were betraying the ideology and policies he himself had implemented under the leadership of Messrs Plastiras and Sofoulis and were breaking up the EPEK party.