June 15, 1954

EDA CONDITIONS: The president of the United Democratic Left (EDA), Mr Ioannis Pasalidis, in statements regarding the unification of the opposition, said that in order for this to happen there had to be a political platform different from that of the Rally party and that it should ensure three main conditions: a) work for all the people; b) restoration of democratic and union freedom, peace and democratic normality, and c) political peace. POLIOMYELITIS: Thessaloniki, 12 – There have so far been 100 cases reported of poliomyelitis, creating problems of space in the hospitals for infectious diseases where all the children affected by the disease are being treated. FOREIGN HOLDERS OF BONDS: (From a commentary in Kathimerini) – According to reports from London, foreign holders of bonds – mostly British – do not seem very optimistic about the settlement of Greek foreign debt. They do not doubt the Athens government’s willingness to reach agreement with them, but they fear Greece is seeking to settle its foreign debt in a symbolic (…) manner. (…) However, it will show its good faith in practice and will propose solutions that are not at risk of being overturned.(…)