June 18, 1954

US AID: According to reports from New York, Mr Norman Saint Paul, regional administrator of US aid for the Middle East, said yesterday that Greece would receive the sum of $15 million for the coming financial year of 1954-1955. Explaining this decision, Mr Saint Paul said that Greece would receive less than Turkey because the latter had greater needs and spent more on its defense in the form of military expenditure. The coordination minister, Mr Thanos Kapsalis, said that the government had not yet had official confirmation of this report, but he clarified that the defense burden on the Greek state budget was much higher than 3 percent. KARANTINOS AS A PAINTER: (From an art review by Mr Angelos Prokopiou) «At the Athinaion Educational Association, the director Socratis Karantinos has exhibited 27 oil paintings and watercolors and seven stage sets. (…) Karantinos’s work is characterized by attention to detail – one could say in the manner of a Persian miniature – particularly in his depiction of vegetation and farmhouses. (…) He is a poet nostalgic for the lost paradise of childhood and the idyllic happiness of those who live without the ambitions of the grande bourgeoise.»