Freedom or death

Your editorial of June 29 calling the USA occupiers of Iraq is completely erroneous. The USA, through the blood of its soldiers and billions of dollars in cost, liberated Iraq and its people and the region from one of the most cruel, inhumane and murderous dictators in the history of the world. Saddam Hussein had ties with terrorists who wish to harm the USA and its allies; he was destabilizing the entire Middle East and more specifically the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and he has murdered millions of his own people. Your viewpoint is on the wrong side of history and it is sad for a Greek newspaper to miscast the USA’s sacrifice to rid the world and the Iraqi people of tyranny and to tear down the Iraqi’s cause for freedom. Eleftheria i Thanatos! Freedom or death! Sadly, you have forgotten the meaning of those words for other oppressed people. ANTONIS MARINATOS
Jacksonville, Florida