One-way street

If one must credit SYRIZA with something, it is that the party evolved by gaining power. Its leadership gradually realized the obvious: that the only way to drag the country out of the quagmire was through investments.

This delayed realization took the form of vigorous interventions by Alexis Tsipras himself and his staff to remove bureaucratic hurdles to flagship investments – the Elliniko development first and foremost.

At first, these interventions were hidden behind a left-wing smoke screen. In the end, even that was shed. The PM’s office often served as a bureau for fast-tracking business requests – a reality that was publicly recognized by some of those who had benefited.

It is important to remember this, because SYRIZA today appears to be denouncing deals the party itself had signed. This attitude confirms the fears that the main opposition would attempt a U-turn, reversing the policy it was pursuing as a one-way street. It will once again switch to sabotaging the government.