Children of politicans that make a difference

Children of politicans that make a difference

Most of the offspring of prominent families usually look for fun and carefree times. Then there are others who dedicate their time to welfare activities, choosing to help the underprivileged and the persecuted. These same youngsters also often engage in activities related to the protection of animals or the environment.

The more successful the parents and the higher they are on the social ladder, the greater the chances that their children will slide into a superficial approach to life, enjoying the protected environment in which they live. Those that seek to differ from their social surroundings often walk a lonely road. The company they keep usually does not display similar sensitivities to the concept of volunteering. Sometimes they even make fun of it.

Given this context, I was highly impressed with what I heard during a friendly chat a few days ago about the daughter of an important politician. It wouldn’t mean much if he had said these things himself, not because he is a politician, but because he is a father, and any reference he makes to his daughter would understandably be rather subjective.

People that know her personally and have engaged with her speak of her humility, goodness and charitable sensitivities, which are rare attributes in the environment of elite circles that is to a large degree pervaded by arrogance. Dedicated to her causes, down-to-earth, polite and approachable, the youngster spent hours on end in migrant facilities helping unaccompanied minors. Her demeanor and the humanitarian work she performs are a tribute to her. And they can only prove part of a solid foundation she seems to be building for the rest of her life, which she may even dedicate professionally to migration.

Names don’t matter. If I were to mention the name of this young person I think I would spoil the beautiful construct that – with youthful enthusiasm and a sincere sense of giving – she is building. And I will indirectly give a political tone to ascertainments that have a wider objective.

It would be good not to see everything through a prism of partisan cynicism, but recognize – apart from people and ideological divisions – the positive examples, where we see them and encourage them. I don’t know the young girl. All I know is that, unfortunately, she is a welcome exception to a disheartening rule.

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