A pre-eminent member of the Greek-American community, Angelo Tsakopoulos, is being honored by Kathimerini in Washington on Monday with the “Ηγέτης” (leader) award for his outstanding contribution to Hellenism over the decades.

02.02.2023 / 21:28

Along with the rest of the world, Greece last week paid tribute to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

26.01.2023 / 20:12

The Biden administration is moving ahead with its intention to supply Turkey with 40 new F-16 fighter jets and upgrade 80 of the country’s older ones.

19.01.2023 / 21:17

Public opinion polls show the picture as it is in that moment and the trends running through the electorate. For the socialist PASOK party, the picture so far is not very encouraging.

17.01.2023 / 21:35

As US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will be hosting his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu in Washington on Wednesday, the Biden administration will be moving ahead with its stated intention to supply Turkey with 40 new F-16s and modernization kits to upgrade 80 of its older ones.

12.01.2023 / 21:00

There is a tendency for main opposition SYRIZA to be underestimated in public opinion polls. This happened repeatedly in the past decade. In that context the massive difference between the two main parties shown in most surveys seems fictitious.

05.01.2023 / 12:41

Does the growing confrontation with the West, in an ever-expanding range of issues, benefit Turkey? In the same way, how much does Turkey gain from its increasingly aggressive stance towards Greece?

29.12.2022 / 21:16

As we get closer to the elections, discussions and arguments tend to focus on the ideological backgrounds of the different parties in the running and on the policies they promise to pursue.

22.12.2022 / 21:18

The public sympathy for PASOK that emerged after the death of its late leader Fofi Genimmata, the dynamics of the election of a new president and representative of the new generation (Nikos Androulakis), and even the instinctive support for a party leader who was a victim of surveillance have not brought the poll boost that PASOK had expected and hoped for.

15.12.2022 / 21:12

The moral decline we have been experiencing from a series of issues – both inside and outside Greece – will likely bolster the extremes of the political spectrum in the next general elections. A system that shows signs of rot invite denigration and fan anti-systemic sentiment.

09.12.2022 / 08:08

The EU-Western Balkans summit, held this week in Tirana, sent a positive message to the countries in the region that are largely making progress, as requested by the European Union, but the prospects for their accession remain murky.

01.12.2022 / 08:41

The deepening relationship between Greece and Israel, which over the course of the last 12 years has acquired strategic characteristics, complements – essentially follows – the visionary cooperation that the Greek and Jewish communities in America have developed over decades.

30.11.2022 / 17:44

Two months after assuming the role of CEO of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), Ted Deutch, a former member of the US House representing Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, speaks to Kathimerini, affirming the strong ties between the Jewish and Greek diasporas, as well as Israel’s close relationship with Greece and Cyprus.

24.11.2022 / 17:09

Credit rating agency operatives and market analysts are waiting for next year’s elections before assessing the overall economic environment in Greece. They have the same attitude with respect to their approach to upgrading the country to investment grade.

17.11.2022 / 15:18

Much has been written in the past few years on the discrete role and influence of the US Congress. It is positive that, albeit belated, importance is now being placed on the decisions and interventions of the legislative bodies.