Iran’s failed missile attack against Israel offers the latter an opportunity to reverse the negative environment on the public relations front.

16.04.2024 / 21:25

As a strategic partner of Israel, and also a country with traditional ties with the Muslim world, Greece, a NATO and European Union member in close proximity to the Middle East, is monitoring the latest developments in the region and is ready to play any role that may be deemed necessary.

11.04.2024 / 21:34

For the first time in years, there is concern in the Greek diaspora, among many of its members in Washington at least, about political developments in Greece.

09.04.2024 / 22:01

This year New Democracy, Greece’s ruling party, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. As the main political force of the center right, ND had been at the forefront of re-establishing democracy in 1974, under the leadership of Konstantinos Karamanlis.

04.04.2024 / 22:27

On Thursday, President Joe Biden will host a ceremony at the White House celebrating Greek independence. Some have questioned the usefulness of these annual gatherings, claiming that they lack substance and serve only public relations purposes.

28.03.2024 / 22:00

By enlisting the help of the FBI – as announced recently – Cyprus is making an effort to deal with the problem of corruption that has been a blight on the country’s reputation for so many years.

14.03.2024 / 22:19

The looming rise of the far right in Greece is attracting the interest of foreign observers who follow the country, mainly due to the far right’s approach toward major geopolitical developments. Recently, for understandable reasons, attention has been focused on the leftist main opposition SYRIZA, with the election of its new leader, the internal upheavals, […]

12.03.2024 / 20:48

Cyprus is playing a pivotal role in Western efforts to deal with the crisis in the Middle East; its added value stemming not from its military power, but rather its geographic location, its membership in the European Union, and its excellent relations with all the regional actors.

07.03.2024 / 20:50

The condemnation of populism was one of the main conclusions of the recent conference on the 50-year anniversary of the “Metapolistefsi” (the period since the restoration of democracy) co-organized by Kathimerini.

29.02.2024 / 08:30

We Greeks tend to overreact and be too harsh on ourselves. We often overlook or quickly forget successes and accomplishments, but are quick to find faults and failures.

27.02.2024 / 10:07

Main opposition SYRIZA is going through a deep crisis, with both its identity as well as its leadership being challenged. After months of intense infighting and a process that had the elements of a slow, painful self-destruction, on Sunday the party averted at the last moment what looked to be a political explosion, by opting […]

22.02.2024 / 22:00

Given how far the Greek-American relationship has come in the past decade in terms of maturity, consistency and continuity, the next logical step is to deepen these ties in other areas beyond defense and security.

20.02.2024 / 22:00

The successful passage of the bill legalizing same-sex marriage brought relief to the government as the measure had created internal divisions and has left scars in New Democracy with one third of the party’s deputies not voting for the law in Parliament.