The need for the kind of broad consensus that can only be achieved by overcoming ideological fixations has been stressed repeatedly.

23.11.2021 / 21:10

Ankara is not hiding its annoyance with actions taken by Greece, and it is constantly attacking Athens for its behavior, in an intense, sometimes threatening manner.

18.11.2021 / 21:54

Following the recent revelations about what happened at the the high-level talks on the Cyprus issue in the Swiss resort of Crans-Montana in July 2017, the fictitious and distorting image that had been created in some corners, and which Ankara had diligently and largely successfully cultivated, that the Greek-Cypriot side was responsible for the impasse, is collapsing.

16.11.2021 / 21:14

In a recent interview with Kathimerini, Deputy Prime Minister Panagiotis Pikrammenos, a constitutional law expert, spoke extensively of the shortcomings of the Greek justice system.

11.11.2021 / 21:43

There are many reasons – and many of them obvious – why such attention is being given to internal developments in the Movement for Change (KINAL).

08.11.2021 / 21:02

It has been noted that Athens needs to be wary as the situation in North Macedonia becomes increasingly complex following Zoran Zaev’s resignation as prime minister.

02.11.2021 / 09:27

North Macedonia finds itself in uncharted waters following the resignation of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev after he assumed responsibility for the resounding defeat of his Social Democrats party in Sunday’s local election runoff.

26.10.2021 / 16:36

Driven by arrogance and his neo-Ottoman ambitions, Recep Tayyip Erdogan behaves as if Turkey is some sort of unbound superpower which is immune to criticism and which can exercise any economic policy it choses regardless of market reactions at home and abroad.

22.10.2021 / 07:59

Following its exclusion from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program by the United States, Ankara is in consultations with Washington for the purchase of 40 new F-16 Viper fighter jets and the upgrade of 80 older ones it already has in its air force.

18.10.2021 / 20:15

The former US secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, who passed away on Monday at the age of 84, was a distinct personality who enjoyed wide acceptance across the political spectrum.

14.10.2021 / 10:52

The defense agreement with the United States that Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias is due to sign Thursday in Washington further bolsters the well-designed plan for strengthening our country’s defense position.

10.10.2021 / 19:37

Delays in launching accession talks with the European Union are taking a hefty toll on public support for the European integration project in North Macedonia, the Balkan country’s President Stevo Pendarovski tells Kathimerini in an interview after his visit to Athens.

07.10.2021 / 21:51

The vision of a united Europe cannot be completed without the Western Balkans. In that context, the leaders of the European Union need to set a date for the start of accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania as soon as possible.