16.02.2021 / 21:10

Last week, the Turkish minister of defense once again denounced what he perceived as Greek attempts to reframe Greco-Turkish disputes as wider disputes between Turkey and third parties, powerful countries or regional entities.

11.02.2021 / 21:15

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s habit of lashing out at foreign leaders, including Greek ones of course, is hard to understand sometimes; the Turkish president obviously feels that he is invincible and has the right to insult and threaten whomever he chooses.

09.02.2021 / 21:16

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan needs to decide what kind of relationship he wants with the West. For any strategy he pursues to be successful, he needs to start acting a lot more realistically.

02.02.2021 / 21:20

As we move toward an informal five-party conference on the Cyprus issue in New York, several questions arise. The first is whether the necessary preparation has been made and the right conditions have been created for the United Nations initiative to succeed. The answer is probably “no.”

28.01.2021 / 21:37

Most Americans and much of the rest of the world have heaved a sigh of relief with the departure of Donald Trump after a presidency that did serious harm to the United States’ international image and credibility, perhaps even irreparably.

26.01.2021 / 21:49

In his recent interview with Kathimerini, former prime minister Antonis Samaras put forward a number of arguments concerning the exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey and shed light on an important aspect of the issue.