Faced with the monster

Faced with the monster

Just take a moment to think of a self-made man who studied and worked hard to excel. Although he did not have any particular connections, he achieved something really special in this country: to be recognized for what he is, and not for the people he knows or because of his cronies.

When the country called for his help, he gave back everything he had. He worked day and night, he stopped that part of his work from which he could make a living and dedicated himself to his duty. The overwhelming majority of his fellow citizens saw in him an excellent professional, an expert they could depend on during the difficult times of an unprecedented crisis. They were swayed by his simple demeanor, his knowledge and sensibility.

Every society however has a dark side – even more so these days. The hatred, the conspiracy theories and the urge to knock down what is still standing in the country are strong forces which are hard to battle. Suddenly, a man that had learned to live with his family, his science and his faith found himself faced with the monster. The threats began, even against his life. The dirty attacks proliferated in tandem with lawsuits filed by various people. It is very difficult to imagine yourself in his shoes – passing from tranquillity into the eye of the storm.

This is a man who has not – thankfully – acquired the thick skin of politicians, journalists and so on who have been burned in the unbearable Greek kiln of public life. He is not accustomed to ordered attacks, character assassinations and mudslinging or the late-night curses spewed by conspiracy theorists on social media. He obviously feels vulnerable and may be wondering “Why did I get involved?” Because he certainly did not make any money – in fact, he probably lost some.

This is one of the biggest problems in the country today. People who are good, serious and modest are afraid to deal with public life due to the fear of “getting into trouble.” Unless there is a “good conspiracy” pushed by all responsible political forces and serious Greeks to protect such people and allow the Greek state to adequately reward them, we will have a very difficult time.

Because in the next pandemic, economic crisis or whatever else we find on our way as a country, we will look for people to offer their knowledge, but they will remain hidden.

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