Letter to the Editor: The impact of closed schools

Letter to the Editor: The impact of closed schools

I have been reading Kathimerini English Edition for years now. I have always enjoyed the wide range of articles, especially concerning the environment or animal rights.

Lately, however, I am disappointed in the bias you have regarding school closures. You choose to write about all the issues concerning Covid, but there is never a mention of how the school closures affect children and their families.

Children of all ages are affected detrimentally by being locked in the house for such a long period of time. They are isolated, anxious, grumpy, bored, stressed, angry, depressed and lonely. The lucky ones have a laptop and online school, so they are obliged to stay in their rooms from 8.30 a.m. To 3.30 p.m. and stare at a screen, sitting, without moving. This is obviously unhealthy because their eyes are strained and they get no exercise during these hours. The unlucky students do not have a computer, and their schools do not provide full online schooling. They do nothing all day. The children we should be most concerned about though are the ones who are left with abusive parents. School is the way to safety for these kids, as they can go somewhere safe for most of the day and teachers may notice visible signs of abuse. Being locked in a house with an abusive parent for months is a very dangerous situation.

The government has failed the children in Greece. Everywhere else in Europe the schools have remained open. Why is no one speaking out for Greek kids? Education is a right and this right has been taken away from every child in Greece.

They were exemplary at wearing the masks and respecting all the rules and regulations, unlike many adults who cannot wear a mask properly or understand social distancing. The future of this country lies with its children, yet they seem to be the last priority.

The worst part is that the kids know this to be true. Instead of fighting for them and their right to learn, everyone has turned a blind eye.

I ask you to be a voice for the children, and their families.

Kind regards,

Agnieszka Fibak

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