October 2, 1954

GERMAN SOVEREIGNTY: London, 1 – German sovereignty has been restored for the first time since 1945 from the Elbe to the Rhine. Messrs John Foster Dulles, Anthony Eden, Mendes-France and Konrad Adenauer are to release tomorrow a «statement of intent» setting out the principle of restoring sovereign rights to the new postwar Germany. Treaties, compromises and concessions have resulted in the revival of a new, sovereign, democratic Germany among other European nations of the West. This was the main outcome of today’s meetings between the four powers (the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany) that secured the participation of an armed Germany in the defense of the West. GREECE-ALBANIA: London, 1 – The Albanian News Agency reported today that Albania has protested to the United Nations, claiming Greek troops had invaded its territory. (…) The Greek military authorities categorically denies this report as false. WOLF PACKS: Packs of wolves have appeared in the hills around Thessaloniki, causing damage to livestock. SCHOOLS: High school reopened yesterday for the new school year.