October 4, 1954

LANDOWNERS: By decision of the agriculture minister, Mr Levantis, 9,025 hectares of land in the prefectures of Florina, Kozani and Thesprotia have been expropriated for the use of farmers and livestock breeders. For the same purpose, another 20 hectares in the Municipality of Dokos and 10 hectares in the village of Glyfada, Rhodope, have also been expropriated. WORKERS FIRE UP: The National Association of Pottery and Stone Workers has charged that the abolition of law 118/45 allows employers to lay off staff. They say they employers are firing old staff whom they then re-employ for lower wages. BENEFICIAL STATE INTERVENTION: The director of the Public Power Corporation, Mr Pezopoulos, has announced that Omnium Lyonnais has begun work on the Megdova hydroelectric project. DIMITRIS RONDIRIS: Performances of Aeschylus’ «Oresteia» trilogy by the Royal Theater began today at the Herod Atticus Theater, directed by Dimitris Rondiris. The entire trilogy will be performed at today’s premiere. LINOS KARZIS: Performances of Aeschylus’ tragedy «Seven Against Thebes» by the Linos Karzis playhouse are continuing to great acclaim at the Piraeus Municipal Theater.