November 17, 1954

AGAINST MARKEZINIS: The president of the Coordinating Council, Prime Minister Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos and council members Panayiotis Kanellopoulos, Stephanos Stephanopoulos and Emmanouil Tsouderos have issued a joint statement reiterating that Mr Spyros Markezinis had concealed from the government letters he had exchanged with the German minister, Dr Erhardt, during his visit to Bonn. MARKEZINIS: Referring to the above statement, Mr Markezinis said: «I will not permit the government to distort the debate. The issue is whether or not I have committed the government [to a course of action]. I repeat that I have not and I have shown that in publishing the original handwritten letter from Mr Erhardt. (…) That is all for now. The matter will be continued in Parliament.» PARLIAMENT: After the departure from Athens of the German Minister Ludwig Erhardt, there will be a debate in Parliament on the letters he exchanged with Mr Markezinis. DEPUTIES: A total of 22 deputies have resigned from the Greek Rally party and declared themselves independent.