November 18, 1954

KATHIMERINI COMMENTARY: «The Syros appeals court has sentenced lawyer M. Galinos, a joint candidate for the EPEK party, the Democratic Party and the United Democratic Left (EDA), to four-and-a-half years’ imprisonment, a fine of 800 drachmas and has deprived him of his civil liberties. Galinos entered the electoral race with excellent qualifications for the ‘Popular Front.’ It remains to be announced as to whether the voters agree with the usefulness of these qualifications in cleaning up the town hall.» RECEPTION: The Soviet ambassador, Mr Sergeyev, has given an embassy reception to mark the anniversary of the October Revolution. Guests included Foreign Minister Mr Stefanos Stefanopoulos, National Defense Minister Mr P. Kanellopoulos, Chief of the Armed Forces General Staff and Mrs Kitrilakis, the Army Chief of Staff and Mrs Emmanouil Kelaidis, and Mr Bodosakis-Athanasiadis. DIMITRIS TSAKONAS: From a book review of the essays «Christian Sociology and the Greek Identity»: «An unusually critical view on the part of the author, which, despite individual objections to certain opinions, places him among the more modern Greek essayists.»