November 22, 1954

GREECE-WEST GERMANY: A protocol was initialed and released yesterday following talks between Germany’s National Economy Minister Dr Ludwig Erhardt and the Greek coordination minister, Mr Panayiotis Papaligouras (…). It fully confirms the Greek government’s legal obligations to the German government on the basis of letters exchanged between Dr Erhardt and the former coordination minister, Mr Spyros Markezinis, on November 11, 1953. It also demonstrates that the Greek government’s unreserved recognition of that fact was the main foundation for Greek-German negotiations and their successful outcome, including the German government’s release of the Greek government from its obligation. DELAPATRIDIS: Following last night’s rallies of candidate mayors in the city center, the «leader of the white and blues,» Armandos Delapatridis, led a demonstration down Stadiou Street. Police Chief Mr Georgiou and the general security governor, Mr Rakintzis, put Mr Delapatridis into a taxi and the demonstration duly broke up.