November 23, 1954

BAN ON MEETINGS: Deputy Interior Minister, Mr Vrachnos, referring to the protest by the left-wing mayoral candidate Mr Pafsanias Katsotas over the rejection of his request to make another speech from his electoral center, said that Katsotas’s request was completely illegal, since the law states that such applications should be made at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled time for the speech. LAW SCHOOL: Athens University has announced the successful candidates in the entrance examinations for the Law School for the academic year 1954-55. They include D. Petrakakos, Olga Maridaki, G. Katiforis, P. Veziryiannis, E. Krousatalakis, Eleni Katramopoulou (Bistika), I. Poulitsas, Calliope Bourdara, S. Haramis, L. Avdis, D. Katsikis, A. Kaklamanis and C. Tsoukalas. INTEREST RATES: Over the past week there has been a reduction in interest rates on the open market, chiefly depending on the type of guarantee available. Where this is judged satisfactory, short-term loans in drachmas are available at interest rates of up to 2.25 percent monthly.