November 25, 1954

MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS: The results of last Sunday’s municipal elections around the country lead to two conclusions. First, attempts to turn the electorate away from candidates supported by the ruling party have failed in their main objective. Those associated with the Communists in the 252 municipalities where elections were held were successful in gaining 40 percent of the vote or slightly higher in just 23 municipalities. Second, in those municipalities in which «Popular Front» candidates were elected mayor, such as in Athens (P. Katsotas), Piraeus (D. Sapounakis), Volos (G. Kartalis), Larissa (D. Hadziyiannis) and others, these candidates received fewer votes than they had in the parliamentary elections of 1952. ANDREI VYSINSKY: London, 22 – Andrei Vysinsky, the Soviet Union’s permanent representative to the United Nations, died this morning of heart failure at the Soviet headquarters on Park Avenue. (…) Vysinsky, who began his career as a lawyer and a Communist in the Menshevik faction, later went over to the Bolsheviks to whom he remained faithful until the end of his life. He became prominent on the international stage as his country’s foreign minister until 1953.