December 6, 1954

CLOSE TO LUXURY SUBURBS: Let us make ourselves clear. If Athens airport is not transferred from Hellenikon to Spata, this will not be because the proposed site is unsuitable, but because Hellenikon suits many of the interested parties better, as it is closer to Athens and the Saronic coastal resorts. However, tourism projects sited close to the continual roar of aircraft will be wasted. Nevertheless, an airport should not be sited close to upmarket residential areas. Because of the unfortunate siting of the existing airport, the loveliest coastal suburb of Athens has been destroyed. There is no need to continue the destruction. ON ESPIONAGE: Bern, 6 -The Swiss government has announced the deportation of a Greek citizen accused of working for a communist espionage group. The man, whose name was not released, was living in Geneva. According to an official announcement, he was used as an intermediary by an international information service linked to an illegal foreign communist party. The announcement adds that the person had not only abused his resident status but endangered the security of Switzerland.