December 20, 1954

PAPAGOS-CANNON: The prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, received US Ambassador Cavendish Cannon this morning for a meeting that lasted about one and a half hours. The following announcement was later issued by the Press Ministry from the prime minister: «The prime minister invited the US ambassador to a meeting this morning to express the government’s deep sorrow over the incidents in Thessaloniki which he said he strongly condemned. The two officials then exchanged views on various pending issues of interest to the two friendly and allied nations.» (Ed. note: Demonstrators protesting developments on the Cyprus issue had caused damage to the American Library in Thessaloniki.) FIRST BLOODSHED IN CYPRUS: Paris, 18 – The first blood has been shed in Cyprus with the murder of a demonstrator, while Nicosia and other towns in Cyprus were the scenes of noisy anarchy due to a strike. The entire student body in these towns attacked police and British soldiers, shouting the slogan «British, leave!»