December 27, 1954

REPLY BY DIMITRIS MYRAT: (Regarding yesterday’s commentary by Giorgos Theotokas): «(…) Think of the consequences if our great minds in 1821 had advised us against pitting ourselves against Turkey and had advised the Church elders to stick to preaching the Gospel, performing baptisms and weddings. And imagine if the Church had listened to them. What has changed since then so that the current intervention by the Church is being seen as medieval intolerance? Even just recently, during the war against the bandits, were the priests’ habits not drenched in blood? Why didn’t we tell the priests then to return to their religious duties? (…) It is hypocritical to invoke the specter of Moscow as the devil that will swallow up naughty children. There is indeed a danger that our young people will turn to other ideologies; their faith in the philosophical principles of the West that are chiefly based on the ideal of freedom was dashed by the recent UN decision and not by irresponsible declarations. (…) I conclude that Mr Theotokas has not yet visited Cyprus. He should do so. After the publication of his article, he will not have a hard time getting a passport.»