January 13, 1955

REGARDING IDEA: National Defense Minister Mr Panayiotis Kanellopoulos, responding to accusations by the opposition, particularly Mr Sophocles Venizelos: «(…) I reject the accusation that forces are at work within the army that are not 100 percent in the interests of the nation. I completely reject the accusation, which my colleagues should not have reiterated in this House based on indications and unfounded reports, that there is supposedly within the army an organization – and which goes by the name ‘IDEA’ – that is above the army. Leader of the Liberals, the army exists only in the name of the King and Country. It does not exist in the name of the government, nor the opposition. We, the prime minister and all of us, do not lay claim to the army. We want the army to be and to remain national, (…) for the nation and the King.» NORWEGIAN DONATION: Argostoli, 12 – Delivery was taken here today by the relevant authority of three prefabricated buildings for use as day nurseries, a gift from the Norwegian government. The buildings will be sited on the island of Cephalonia.