Community is the best method of preventing the spread of racist views

I read Costas Iordanidis’s editorial «Groundless Allegations» (January 10) and totally agree with its assessment and conclusion. I’m a Greek resident of Sydney and my best friend is a South African Jew. My wife and I were invited to the barmitzvah of my friend’s son. At the dinner table, each guest was given a book of prayers. I flicked through mine and found a prayer saying: «My God Deliver us from the fury of the Greeks.» You can imagine the lively debate afterward. What Americans should remember is that Jews have lived among us for a long time. My hometown Rhodes has a synagogue and a Jewish martyrs’ square. I went to school with Jewish boys and never heard derogatory comments. As far as we were concerned, they were our friends. THEMOS HAHLOS, Sydney.