January 22, 1955

CALLAS’S TEACHER: (From a letter to Kathimerini from Maria Trivella): «(…) Reports (in Kathimerini on January 8) on the debut of Maria Kalogeropoulou and her teacher are not correct, particularly that her teacher was Mrs Elvira De Idalgo. Maria Kalogeropoulou, before arriving in America, came to my class at the recommendation of her uncle, Mr Makis Dimitriadis, and accompanied by her mother and Zannis Kambanis, then my pupil and who went on to become a distinguished tenor. Maria Kalogeropoulou stayed with me for two-and-a-half years, during which she attended daily classes and was a very attentive student. She then took part in two class performances, on April 11, 1938 and May 22, 1939, at the Parnassos Hall and also at the National Conservatory, where I also teach, and where she won first prize. Later, while she was preparing for her final examinations, she left early, without sitting for these. (…) I at least am proud of Maria (…) and have followed her career with great emotion. I hope that she, contrary to the information you have been given, has not forgotten her first teacher,» Athens, January 18, 1955. ED. NOTE: (At the time): The reports referred to appeared in the American magazine Newsweek.