Letters to the Editor

There are many wonderful Greek proverbs, however, there’s a quotation you hear in America that goes like this: It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Unfortunately, this applies to some of the political and religious leaders of Greece and especially to some of the idiots on the street and in the kafeneia, that make Greek Americans cringe and feel ashamed that we’re related. While some of our omogeneis (fellow Greeks) are ranting and raving about kolo-Amerikanoi (damned Americans), Americans of Greek ancestry are attending Greek churches, preserving the Greek language and culture and supporting Greek causes unselfishly. Why? We love Greece and are proud of our heritage – that’s why. I was born in West Virginia but my roots are in Crete. In the museum of Gavalohori, you will find my grandfather, my great-grandfather, my great-uncle and numerous other fighters for independence that I am related to. Some died in battle. My mother, her brothers and sisters and other relatives participated in the Greek Resistance during World War II. One Cretan uncle was executed by the Germans. Maybe this explains why I, along with thousands of other Greek Americans, feel for Greece, and donate time, effort and money for Greek causes, not because we have anything to gain but out of love for Mana Ellada (Mother Greece). America has stood by Greece since the Greek War of Independence. Please remind your readers that were it not for President Truman, Greece today would probably be no better off than Albania! Let’s not dwell on the junta thing either. No country is perfect and the US has apologized. Cyprus, unfortunately, must continue to endure. The US was attacked, but what happened is a wake-up call for all of us that are a part of what is referred to as Western civilization and a continuation of Greece’s struggle to preserve Graeco-Christian civilization. I would like to see Greece do the right thing and go all the way alongside its friend and ally, the United States. Nin yper panton o agon, or, Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Nicholas T. Boyias (Voyiatzakis) via e-mail Re: PM of New York City, who was deeply disturbed to see many of his fellow Greeks speak of ill will [Letters to the Editor, September 18] about the terrorist attacks in America. Where did you see such responses that have caused you to be ashamed of being Greek? The overwhelming majority of Greeks strongly condemn these egregious acts of mass murder, and grieve for the loss of life. You shouldn’t use such a wide brush to paint Greeks in such unflattering terms because of the comments or actions of a few crackpots. You yourself said, It’s a pity a few fools… can malign an entire nation. Exactly, they are just a few fools! They don’t malign a nation any more than the scam artists trying to take advantage of the families of victims here in New York, or the tragic fool in Arizona who shot dead an Indian man because he looked like a Muslim!

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