January 29, 1955

GIORGIOS A. MANTZAVINOS: This week’s reference to the replacement of the governor of the Bank of Greece, Giorgios A. Mantzavinos, by Xenophon Zolotas made a poor impression on certain readers as they interpreted the use of the word «ousting» in the title as a denigration. However the ousting of this distinguished public figure – who has always carried out his public duties, including that of governor of the Bank of Greece, without any personal gain – was not intended as a reflection on the man himself. After all, there have been many examples in history of similar occurrences. GREGORY MARKOPOULOS: Tomorrow at 11 a.m. there will be a screening at the headquarters of the United States Information Service (USIS), 9d Panepistimiou Street, of the color film «Soul,» by the American director Mr Markopoulos. The film, for which the scenario was also written by Mr Markopoulos, is a triptych depicting various psychological situations linked together. Produced entirely in American studios, the film was made solely with the participation of amateur actors.