January 31, 1955

EMPIRE AGAINST NATIONALISM: According to a report by the Agence France Presse correspondent in Nicosia, the British colonial authorities today are conducting searches throughout Cyprus in the various branches of the right-wing organization, known under the name Pan-Cypriot Union of Farmers. It seems that the police suspects this organization has been used as an intermediary between Greek agents who smuggled arms into the island with the motorship Aghios Georgios and the Cypriots who are secretly working for union of the island with Greece. Seven arrests were made in the village of Chlorakon […] Meanwhile, a Famagusta court found 20 Greek students guilty of participating in an illegal demonstration that took place on December 18. The students were ordered to «demonstrate impeccable behavior» for two years. All 20 of them are residents of the village of Rizokarpaso. LOUVARIS: Professor Nikolaos Louvaris will deliver the keynote speech at Panteion University on the occasion of the Day of the Three Holy Bishops.