February 10, 1955

COUNTESS RIVAROLA: According to reports from Cephalonia, workers engaged in demolishing the site of the quake-damaged church of the Evangelistria have found the grave of the Countess Maria Rivarola, nee Horafa, whose father was a general under Napoleon and served as regent of Naples. MONKS: (From a commentary in Kathimerini) A nun – Sister Evlavia – has been caught in a Volos nightclub doing the national dance of our friend Turkey, the belly dance, to loud applause from customers and to the accompaniment of the bouzouki. Yesterday, a novice monk, identified as D.P. was arrested on the steamship Karaiskakis for stealing 1,250 drachmas from another passenger. A cleanup is indisputably in order to preserve the good name of the monastic orders. ONASSIS: Paris, 4 – The Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis has lodged a suit via his lawyer in Paris against unknown persons who have made threats and attempts to blackmail him. His lawyer announced that on January 17, his client received a letter from Marseilles demanding 100,000 dollars or else he himself, his wife and children would be in danger.