February 23, 1955

MITSOTAKIS AND RONDIRIS: At yesterday’s parliamentary session, the debate continued on the bill «Regarding the National Theater.» Mr Constantine Mitsotakis (for the opposition), said: «It is no secret, and everyone knows, that our National Theater is controlled by a clique. The dispute that has arisen within the ranks of the National Theater has forced the (Papagos) government to table the bill in question in Parliament. The National Theater should not become a fiefdom for serving certain interests. All those able to help in promoting the National Theater should be called upon to do so. Today, artists as a whole are absent from the Theater. And this is due to the clique that controls it. I personally hold Mr Dimitris Rondiris in great esteem, but I do not think he is capable of dismissing the others and creating a dictatorship in the Theater. All those worthy should be made use of. As a director, Mr Rondiris should stay.» PAUL CLAUDEL: Paris, 23 – The poet and dramatist Paul Claudel died last night in Paris after a heart attack. Mr Claudel was 87 years old.