EU directorate

…The main argument of those who advocate or are in favor of a EU directorate, and of those who promote the abolition of the veto, is that the current decision-making system is inflexible and enlargement will render it non-operational. The British proposal, which envisages a tripartite directorate made up of Germany, France and Britain, is based on the same argument. This proposal does not only raise arguments amid medium-sized member countries, which see in it a limitation of their roles… It also raises arguments among the major member-states which are left out of the directorate, namely Italy and Spain. The «euroscepticism» of Silvio Berlusconi’s government in Italy does not undo the fact that Italy is a founding member, unlike Britain which entered the EU at a later stage and, above all, has opted out of the eurozone… Federalists underestimate the fact that the EU is made up of nation states and for this reason European integration cannot transcend a certain limit. Integration can be achieved and maintained only by respecting the various nations and cultures which take part – that is, by respecting the sensitivities and the particularities of each constituent. The EU cannot become a melting pot of different nations and cultures like the United States. Those who envisage a super-national, homogenized Europe do nothing but undermine integration… The bi-communal collective known as Vira Vira produced the four-track «Weeping Island,» a CD fusing Turkish, Greek and English lyrics and sounds. It is based on a selection of poems taken from a bi-communal book of the same name.

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