‘Let’s be strong; let Turkey dance to our tune for a change’

As a Greek Canadian I follow the news and developments in Greece daily via the Internet. I have to tell you that I shake with anger and embarrassment at the weak response to this week’s Turkish provocation around the Imia islands. Are these islands Greek or not? If they are Greek then defend them. Simple as that. Why are we allowing a Turkey that is so very desperate to find respectability by joining the European Union to lead us around by the nose? The Turkish generals and I am sure also Erdogan and Gul are laughing with glee amongst themselves in private as to how easy it is to get away with toying with, embarrassing, humiliating and threatening Greece, and still have Greece’s undying support to join the EU. I am sure you know that if the roles were reversed the Turks would have Greece on her hands and knees, jumping through hoops and even giving up some islands perhaps in her quest to join Europe. Let’s be strong, we have the upper hand in terms of veto, let Turkey dance to our tune for a change, because she is dying to do the European dance. LOUIS NIKOLAOU,Canada.

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