May 5, 1955

MITSOTAKIS ON KAZANTZAKIS: During yesterday’s session of Parliament, Mr Constantine Mitsotakis said that the Papagos government appeared to agree with those who wanted to ban the circulation of certain literary works, as indicated by the prosecution of municipal councilors, including some in Thessaloniki who had obviously criticized these attempts. He said the Holy Synod had no cause to persecute (the writer Nikos) Kazantzakis because in his novel «Christ Recrucified» he had displayed a more Christian spirit than that of his persecutors. The government, he said, could not circumvent the issue with a declaration by the justice minister that justice would be served and urged it to take a stand on the issue. TURKISH LANDING: The leader of the National Turkish Party of Cyprus, Mr Fawzal Kucuk Genzik, who returned yesterday to Nicosia from Ankara where he had talks with Turkish officials, said that in the event of «any attempt to transfer the sovereignty of Cyprus to another government without the consent of Turkey, the Turkish fleet would occupy Cyprus before ships in distant ports (Ed. note: meaning in Greece) would have time to weigh anchor.”