May 20, 1955

EKATERINI VERONI: Yesterday at 9.45 p.m., the veteran theater actress Ekaterini Veroni died in the Sparounis clinic where she had been a patient for about three weeks. Born in Istanbul in 1865, Veroni became involved in the theater from a young age and retired in 1914. She was the wife of Georgios Gennadis. CHRISTOS KOLIATSOS: Kathimerini journalist Christos Koliatsos has died. He studied commerce and then law at Athens University and worked for 10 years at the Finance Ministry. He joined Kathimerini in 1938 and three years later, during the Greek-Italian war, became the newspaper’s war correspondent. His experiences formed the basis for a book he published under the title «Pages of Glory.» Since the liberation, he had been one of the newspaper’s financial correspondents in charge of the business and finance page. GYMNASTICS EXHIBITION: This year’s gymnastics exhibition by high school children will take place in the Panathenaic Stadium on Sunday, May 19 at 6 p.m. About 2,000 children will give a group exhibition in the stadium.