Slippery slope

No one doubts that illegal gambling constitutes a troublesome social and political issue which has so far remained unresolved because large interests are at stake. Nor does anyone wish to defend a deputy who is willing to sell his soul to the devil in order to conceal his gambling addiction. This, however, is one thing. Accepting the abusive tactics employed by our media stars is quite another. It’s not the first time that Alpha channel’s Makis Triandafyllopoulos has overstepped ethical limits. Mudslinging is the name of the game in his shows, with little prior consideration shown. The bad and the good are all shoved in the same boat where a camera plays the leading role… The problem is a very complex one, because every big television producer with a camcorder is able to set up a special court and to play the roles of prosecutor, judge and avenger all at the same time. The question is how many people are willing to slide down the same slippery slope. Unfortunately, the answer is given by the situation on television today – everyone is. We should not be taken by surprise if tomorrow some people, even more daring than Triandafyllopoulos, throw more citizens – with or without addictions – to the lions, in order to boost television ratings and personal profits in the name of truth and social justice. «Yes, we are pressuring him. But we are not doing it to murder him, but to make him understand. We simply want him to do what he is supposed to do,» the Israeli diplomat stressed.

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