August 6, 1955

TERRORIST ACTIVITY: London, 4 – All British weekly magazines have been maintaining complete silence on the Cyprus issue, except for The Truth, which has once again harshly criticized the Greek government and Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus. The magazine said that the situation in Cyprus had gravely deteriorated. It further added that the British administration had already assumed an absolutely negative role, fighting terrorist activity. The correspondent attributed the latest developments in Cyprus to the propaganda aired by Athens radio. CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: Nicosia, 4 – The EOKA group has distributed proclamations in Famagusta calling on police officers to resign if they do not want to lose their lives in the service of the conqueror. YIAROS PRISONS: The Justice Ministry has confirmed a report that the first 200 communist convicts have been sent to the prison on the island of Yiaros, along with 20 common criminals from the prison on Aegina.