August 8, 1955

VATICAN AND EASTERN EUROPE: London, 5 – Pope Pius XXII in his sermon today called on all Orthodox Christians to unite with the Roman Catholics in a unified Christian Church under his own leadership. He thereby raised once again the age-old papal dream to extend their jurisdiction over Eastern Europe, and attributes to prejudice the fact that Orthodoxy has always rejected a quasi-secular power, to which Catholicism attributes a divine origin. The pope launched his appeal from his residence at Castelgandolfo to the Uniat Archimandrite Isidoros Croce. (…) The pope did not address his appeal to the legitimate Orthodox authorities but to the peoples of the Orthodox faith, arbitrarily calling on them to submit to his leadership. TASSOS LEIVADITIS AND ALEXIS PARNIS: Warsaw, 5 – The Greek poets Tassos Leivaditis and Alexis Parnis won first prizes at the Warsaw Festival for their poems. SPYROS LOUIS: A monument to the first modern Olympic marathon champion, Greece’s Spyros Louis, will be unveiled at the Maroussi cemetery tomorrow morning.