FEBRUARY 3-4, 1952

REDS OUTLAWED: From a commentary in Kathimerini titled «EDA and Greece:» «We cannot understand the government’s approach to the question of the leaders of the so-called EDA (United Democratic Left), which the government itself has raised. Has it been proved that the leaders and members of EDA receive their orders from the Communist Party? If so, then it should be outlawed. If EDA really takes orders from Greece’s enemies – and we ourselves have no doubts of this – how should its members be dealt with? Does the government think that by making a few more people admit they are communists, it will absolve itself of responsibility for its clemency? The statement by the communists that they are not communists, which was accepted so readily, is no longer simply a Trojan horse, but dynamite under the walls of Troy.» SAVE GREEN SPACES: We are all in favor of plants and forests, yet most of us do no more than admire them where they exist and long for them where they no longer exist. Mrs Alexandra Argyropoulou, however, is leading a reforestation drive with praiseworthy patience and energy. A few days ago, her efforts bore fruit and a bare hillside in Attica will soon be planted with pine trees thanks to those who attended a lovely ball she organized at the French Embassy.»

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